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GEA FlatPlate Increases Material Surcharge

York, PA  – Due to ever increasing raw material costs GEA FlatPlate, Inc. finds it necessary to once again increase our product pricing.  Effective January 22, 2007, all base prices will raise between 4% and 7% on any order received.  New price sheets will be sent out prior to that date.  The Materials Surcharge will remain in effect, varying on a monthly basis, and will hopefully subside in the near future.

Overall, GEA FlatPlate has continued to design and manufacture very cost-competitive heat exchangers. GEA FlatPlate continues to lead the brazed plate heat exchanger market in innovation and technology. Over the next year we will be announcing a new and broader product offering in order to make your systems more efficient and cost effective.

All of GEA FlatPlates’ employees thank you for purchasing our U.S. manufactured product.  We appreciate your continued support and confidence in our brazed plate heat exchangers.


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