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GEA Acquisition Announcement

York, PA – In the last several years GEA FlatPlate has enjoyed above average growth and prosperity as a privately held company. Looking toward the future, we have taken a major step that greatly enhances the product and service we bring to our customers, and propels GEA FlatPlate’s role in the U.S. and global market place.


As of November 17, GEA FlatPlate has joined GEA Group as an independent subsidiary. GEA, which stands for “Global Engineering Alliance”, has acquired GEA FlatPlate as part of a global strategy in the Plate Heat Exchanger business. GEA is a $5B publicly held company with business operations on every continent, manufacturing a wide range of industrial systems and components. Combined with GEA FlatPlate, the GEA Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Group is now the largest supplier of brazed plate heat exchangers in the U.S. and a leading manufacturer worldwide.


For GEA FlatPlate, there are a few things you should know:


There are no planned changes for GEA FlatPlate employees, reps and distributors. Key operating management stays intact, long-term. Charles Schmidt, CEO will retire at year end and Steven Wand, President and founder will take over responsibilities as CEO in January.

  • Investment in New Products will accelerate. GEA FlatPlate is transferring components and technology from GEA Europe for manufacture in York, Pennsylvania. This includes a larger 15x34 model and other models.
  • Expansion of GEA FlatPlate proprietary technologies to other GEA Group business units worldwide will allow more customers to benefit from U.S. technologies.
  • U.S. and Global customers will benefit from GEA FlatPlate and GEA’s combined presence in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.
  • Planned expansion of GEA FlatPlate production capacity continues.


In summary, as a new member of GEA Group, GEA FlatPlate will leverage more resources than ever to its customers, suppliers and to GEA FlatPlate employees who, everyday, strive to be the best supplier in the industry.