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GEA FlatPlate Releases New High-Efficiency Evaporator

York, PA – GEA FlatPlate has developed a new high-efficiency “XP” evaporator with the ability to handle 3 – 80 tons for R410a. This two-circuit heat exchanger can accommodate two separate compressors and achieve 7°F Approach Temperatures that allow chiller designers to achieve greater efficiency per ASHRAE standards. As a "true dual" type evaporator, all the fluid is cooled when one or two compressors are also operating to effectively increase part-load efficiency.


The XP is best utilized for R410a refrigerant applications (650psig rating) and with GEA FlatPlate's standard 2C models (450psig rating), the latter available with R22 refrigerant. Based on test data, the XP two-circuit model ranks among industry leaders for its size class while also providing the lowest waterside pressure drop. Models have a three-week production lead time. Code approvals include U.L., ASME and European PED (CE) approvals.


The leading U.S. manufacturer of brazed plate heat exchangers, GEA FlatPlate specializes in products geared for refrigeration, hydronic heating and industrial process to suit a wide variety of applications.


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