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Now Shipping Worldwide With CE Code

York, PA - FlatPlate, Inc. is now shipping products worldwide with CE Code approval after obtaining the European certification for all its heat exchangers and pressure vessels.


This new CE code is available immediately on all FlatPlate products in addition to standard UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approval and Canadian CRN approvals. Optional ASME code approval, as well as multi-code approvals of CE and ASME, are also available.


All heat exchangers comply with the newest European pressure vessel code, PED (Pressurized Equipment Directive), which allows both U.S. manufacturers and international customers to build products in compliance with European safety code standards. 


FlatPlate is the U.S. leading manufacturer of plate heat exchangers for refrigeration, hydronic heating and industrial process to suit a wide variety of applications. The company also holds key patents in advanced heat exchangers for use with refrigeration chillers.


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