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New Heat Exchanger Rated Up To 300 PSIG for Steam Applications

York, PA - FlatPlate's new MP Series brazed plate heat exchangers are designed specifically for multi-purpose steam applications. The brazed plate systems are used for heating and cooling in steam to hot water, treated steam to fluid, steam condensate to fluid, and process situations. Constructed of a special marine stainless steel alloy, MP Series units resist corrosion more effectively than copper, cupronickel, or 316 grade stainless steel.


FlatPlate MP Series exchangers stand up under conditions where high temperatures, steam conditions, chemical treatments, and other characteristics are present. FlatPlate nickel brazed units promote turbulence to maximize heat transfer, and their rugged, compact design makes them ideal for installations where conservation of space is paramount.


FlatPlate inventories MP Series brazed plate heat exchangers rated to 150 psig steam and MPN Series exchangers rated to 300 psig steam in a range of sizes for a variety of applications. The company maintains a complete line of brazed plate units for next day shipment.


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