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The efficient way to save energy

Paper and cellulose production is a highly energy-intensive process. Constantly increasing energy prices force up production costs. The best way to gain a competitive edge in the paper industry is to reduce energy requirements using high-efficiency system components. GEA PHE Systems provides the optimum solution with its full range of gasketed, fully welded and brazed plate heat exchangers (PHEs) for all process stages, applications, temperatures and pressure levels.

Our equipment helps to achieve lasting reductions in energy costs and to optimize the energy consumption in manufacturing processes such as cellulose production, heat recovery and waste water treatment. Further areas of application:

Process sequence in cellulose manufacture:

  • in wood pulp production and refiner mechanical woodpulp process (TMP)
  • in steam circuits and condensate treatment
  • in beating and whitening
  • in digestion and chemicals regeneration
  • in various other intermediate circuits

Process sequence in paper manufacture:

  • intermediate circuits in pulp preparation and de-inking for waste paper (repulping, suspension, floatation, whitening and beating)
  • in dewatering and forming
  • roller cooling in the drier section of the paper machine
  • in surface treatment (coating section)
  • in size heating
  • waste water cooling

GEA PHE Systems gasketed and fully welded plate heat exchangers guarantee reliable performance in the process. The special plate design causes a highly turbulent flow behaviour, thus enabling optimum heat transfer with a significant reduction in energy consumption.

The installation and operating costs of these high-efficiency PHEs are considerably less than comparable systems on the market due to the lower material investment. And the space requirements for the equipment are considerably lower, too. The heat transfer is clearly higher thanks to the greatly improved efficiency.

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