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Product image Concitherm

Ideally suited for high vapour volumes

The Concitherm range offers particularly high performance in rising-film plate evaporators. Its optimized corrugation design allows wide gaps without any contact points, up to 3m³ of plate surface area. At the same time the minimum pressure drop means that there is no need for an intermediate pump. A further advantage of Concitherm over conventional tube heat exchangers is an almost 100% higher temperature transfer. Concitherm plate evaporators can also be used as boosters in combination with conventional plate evaporators.

Concitherm 193

With its three m² of surface area, the Concitherm 193 cassette is the largest rising-film plate evaporator available on the market worldwide. Due to its special flow gap geometry, it is particularly suited for concentrating products forming deposits and containing solid particles, with large vapour volumes.

This is a Free Flow plate evaporator with

  • a 4.5 mm free flow gap on the vapour side and
  • a 7.5 mm free flow gap on the product side.

Its maximum connection sizes are DN 500 for the heating steam inlet and DN 600 for the outlet. The plate pack can be extended by integrating additional cassettes as with any conventional plate heat exchanger. The maximum heating surface per single unit is 1200 m².

Plate evaporators are much more powerful

When comparing the k-values of tube-rising-film and plate-rising-film evaporators, plate evaporators have a k-value which is about twice that of tube-type evaporators (2000 - 4000 kcal/m²h°C), i.e. 1000 m² of plate evaporator surface is equal to 2000 m² of tube-type evaporator surface. When processing products with a higher viscosity, the k-value of plates exceeds that of tubes even further.

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