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GG Series

GG heat exchanger plate

The clean solution

With the GG Series, predestined mainly for drinking water applications, the experts at GEA PHE Systems have developed an extremely convincing solution. These plate heat exchangers, free of non-ferrous metals and with a revolutionary frame design - the BoxFrame, are convincing from both economical and ecological aspects. A special gasket, in combination with corrosion-proof special steel plates, means that the GG Series can offer the combined advantages of both gasketed and brazed plate heat exchangers as a truly clean solution.

Offering many advantages compared to competitors, this plate heat exchanger variant by the market leader GEA has a surprisingly small footprint thanks to its compact design. This is an elegant solution to an elementary problem of heating hygienic drinking water without using copper brazing. The GG Series from GEA PHE Systems meets all statutory requirements and regulations relevant to food-safe heat exchangers. Low cost, safe and reliable: The GG Series convinces with a degree of efficiency and precision to match the high standards you expect from GEA.

Safety first - five good reasons for the GG Series:

  • Reliability: Special gaskets and stainless steel plates prevent corrosion damage.
  • Reduced costs: The low investment and installation costs remain unrivalled.
  • Easy maintenance: The use of low-maintenance stainless steel plates guarantees a long service life.
  • Compact design: Intelligent format and frame design save on materials.
  • Purity: Meets all European and international regulations and directives.