GEA PHE Systems  /USA & Canada

Welcome to the world of plate heat exchangers.

Smaller, lighter, more efficient and cost effective than any other liquid-liquid and liquid-refrigerant heat transfer technology available.


Brazed, Gasketed ("Plate-and-Frame") and Fully Welded.  We make every kind of plate heat exchanger, and if you can't find it here, just call us and we'll help.


We incorporate the former FlatPlate® Inc., and not only still offer the full FlatPlate line of brazed plate heat exchangers, we've expanded it.  And that's not all.  Our ongoing research is always yielding new and better products.  Look below for some of the latest innovations.


When Big Isn't Big Enough

GEA PHE Systems NT500 series of plate heat exchanger features a 20" port and has a flow rate up to 20,000 gallons per minute.  This PHE is perfect for a wide range of large scale applications, like power plant cooling tower isolation.

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Staying Cool Under Pressure

GEA's GMX copper brazed plate heat exchangers handle your most demanding refrigeration needs.  R410A? CO2?  Check. High Pressure? Check. Extra Durability Under Stress? Check.

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AHRI400-Certified Heat Exchangers

Independent certification by AHRI provides peace of mind to HVAC specifiers, ensuring that the thermodynamic performance is independently certified.  Click here for more....